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luna_puella took her sweet time coming up with her five words for me. She gave me:

1. Down to earth
I try not to react based on emotions, but to think things through first. That makes me quite 'down to earth', focussed on the here and now, trying to resolve issues as they come up -- instead of first panicking and then trying to mend the pieces afterwards.

2. Practical
The character trait above makes me seem cool-headed in a crisis, and people confuse that with practicality. If I have my hands full and I need to get my housekeys, it'll take me a lot of fumbling around to get to them. If we need to make something (like the Nespresso capsule holder), it's klik who calls the shots -- I merely follow her orders. That works far better than if I try to think of such things myself -- she is much more practical than I am.

3. Sarcasm
Sarcasm is 'easy'. It's so much easier to say something sarcastic/nasty about something or someone, as opposed to saying something nice. It took me some time to learn this, but I try to refrain from sarcastic comments. Except when I know the other person can take a joke, and they can see me grin and wink at them.

4. Animated icons
I love animated icons. And now that I've learned how to rip parts of a video file into the GIMP to make an animated GIF off it, I intend to keep a notepad next to me when I watch anime -- if I see something that would be cool as an icon, I want to write down the episode and the (rough) time, so that I can get to work on it.
Sure, a good animated icon takes a lot of time -- and sometimes you have to 'optimise' all color out of it to make it fit within LJ's restrictions for icons, but when it works, it's really cool. Still, I have more icons than I know what to do with.

5. Soundtracks
There was a time I listened to a lot of soundtracks. Either movie soundtracks (Dune! Star Wars! Pulp Fiction!) or anime soundtracks. Not every soundtrack is nice to listen to as background music, but the ones where the composer made a list of songs and the music producer picks and chooses which one to play when -- those are very good, because every song is a song in its own right.
Now klik has control of the music, which means lately we've been listening to a lot of jazz songs.
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