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KlikTikFix on Twitter

kliktikfix is on Twitter! When a new entry is published, it will be posted to Twitter at the same time it appears in the RSS feed. That task runs every 10 minutes, so Twitter is the most direct way to keep up to date with KlikTikFix!
But if you reply, no-one is going to read it!

But god, has this process been frustrating. I posted about the deplorable state of the software stack over at Webreus, where I host my stuff. But the Python install (2.4, while the rest of the world has gone on to 2.6 at this time) did allow me to post to Twitter. And I found a snippet to use the BitLy API to shorten URLs -- so I was all set to move the RSS creation from PHP to Python.

Except that the Python install on the host lacked the MySQLDb module!

So now I have the PHP script that creates the RSS feed put the new entries in a text file and then call a Python script that does the actual Twitter-posting. Took me the better part of yesterday afternoon and evening too.
I have been browsing the listings of webhosters in the Netherlands. It is striking that most do not offer a telephone helpdesk, but only an email address. Because so far, I haven't heard anything back from WebReus about my complaint about the outdated software stack -- and I really think I won't ever get a reply about it either.

I am very, very dissapointed in them. Especially because they call themselves 'Linux specialists'.
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