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Finished series: Druaga no To - The Sword of Uruk

We've finished watching Druaga no To - the Sword of Uruk. My first episode review is here.

It's a straight sequel to Druaga no To - The Aegis of Uruk, which I reviewed here. If you haven't seen that series, don't bother with this one -- start with the previous series!

It's six months after the occurrences of the first series, and since the death of Druaga, all monsters have dissapeared from the tower. King Gilgamesh has moved the capital to the city at the base of the tower, and lots of tourists have come to the Tower to see the sights. Meanwhile, the heroes of half a year back are all broke and washed up -- Fatina is a tour guide and uses tricks to sell souvenirs, Kelb operates an inn, Utu works as a strong man in a circus, etcetera. And Jill stays in his room in Kelb's inn, being depressed.
When Fatina drags him out one evening, they meet a little girl who is chased by the Golden Knights -- a bunch of knights with a heavy-handed 'might makes right'-attitude under the direct control of the king. Of course, our friends can't leave the girl alone and flee with her to Kelb's inn, where they are joined by Utu. Henaro, a druid who also frequents the inn, is mixed up in things too and has to flee as well.
The girl, Ki, promises to help them enter the Mystical Tower -- a magical tower that appears when Druaga is killed, and that Neeba and Kaaya went into. Of course, this triggers our heroes to buckle up once again and to make the long trek to the top and into the Mystical Tower, in pursuit of Neeba and Kaaya!

They are not the only group going up: the Golden Knights are in hot pursuit, but there's also a shady faction that Neeba betrayed, as well as the remnants of the King's party of the first series! On their way, the group meets up with Melt and Koopa (they operate a ski resort now...), and then cross over into the Mystical Tower after defeating a Druaga that Ki summoned.
The Mystical Tower itself is again a free ticket for the series writers to come up with all sorts of scary, interesting and devious stuff -- such as monsters that have to stay in the sun, or a house that you don't really want to leave. There's betrayals, double-crosses and even triple-crosses too!
In the end, there's quite a few epic fights, and all ends well... in the end.

There's still comedy in the series, but the overall tone is much darker than previously. Betrayal is a rather big part of the plot of this one, along with the accompanying angst.
Visually, the series is as nice as the previous one, though the mixing of CGI and cell animation is sometimes quite noticeable, which is a bit of a pity. But there's the same voice cast as the first series, so there's nothing to complain about in that respect.

Good points:
- Amusing fantasy romp;
- Good ending.
Bad points:
- The tone is much darker.

All in all, a good successor of the first series. Still, the first series remains the best of the two -- they'd better not make a third series. I'll give this one a 7.
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