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More meme words

ishtar gave me these words:

1. Drawing
I've never been good at drawing, because I never invested much time in it. Still don't feel like it's the best way for me to spend my time.

2. Intelligence
As a cognitive scientist, I studied intelligence. It's a bit of a weird thing to study, because there's no fixed definition of it. In the end, 'intelligence' is exhibiting behaviour that we (as humans) recognise as intelligent. Rather circular, isn't it? There's a whole body of scientific literature that deals with 'zombies': beings that only pretend to be intelligent, but are not. Searle's (in)famous Chinese Room experiment is another one.
But if you look at it from a different angle: suppose a system exhibits behaviour that we call 'intelligent' -- does it matter what internal processes cause that behaviour? Because all we see is the outside anyway!

3. Eating
I love to eat. I have a seriously sweet tooth. And I like to make delicious things -- trying out something different occasionally.

4. IT
It's been in my blood ever since I was eleven years old. It's been fun to see it grow from something mysterious and alien to a commoditised tool. The cyberpunk philosophers were surprisingly visionary, because most of what they predicted has come true -- or is coming true.

5. Philosophy
The cool thing about Cognitive Science is that we don't have an Artificial Intelligence (yet) that can pass the Turing Test. So everyone writes about such an AI could be right. Which gave rise to a sheer endless set of articles, counter-articles and thought experiments that are contradictory and yet can't be proven right or wrong. Some of the thought experiments are really amusing, some are a bit stupid.
I studied at a Catholic university (yes, really). But as a 'normal' (non-theology) student, you'd never notice -- except for the compulsory philosophy course. Of course, I followed the cognitive science philosophy course, and had a great deal of fun reading all the articles and formulating my own opinion on these matters.
Thinking is fun.
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