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Wednesday evening, I got bored so I connected the dancemat to the PS2 and, over the course of 30 minutes, burned away lots of calories. It felt good, though my feet hurt and the next morning the muscles in my leg were slightly achy... But my shoulder ached a fair bit less, because of the general activity of the evening before.

Thursday I went to work by bicycle, even though it had snowed. It was slippery, but if you're just going straight on, there's little danger of falling. However, I had to hit the brakes to allow a taxi to pass, and I fell down in the snow. To his credit, the taxi chauffeur stopped and looked at me worriedly, he only drove on when I signalled to him that I was OK. There was a guy nearby clearing the snow off the windows of his car and he advised me to be more careful.
It irritated me a bit to find that I was more careful, even though I wasn't hurt or anything. I distinctly remember a day with similar weather, when I was still in highschool. I had to bike 12 km to get to school, and this day lots of other schoolkids were going really slow because they were afraid to fall down. But the trick is to keep going straight on and to keep a certain speed. If you go too slow, you'll be going this way and that, and precisely that makes you fall down.
When I sped past the droves of slow-going people, I overheard someone saying: "OK, we'll see him in a cast soon!" -- but of course I didn't fall. I made it to school on time, without problems.
I had decided to use the same tactic, but for some reason I didn't really follow through with that. Yes, I'm not 14 anymore, but that doesn't mean I should behave like a granny. Still, it was good.

We are seriouly considering buying a hometrainer ("homotrainer", as klik says). I need to excercise more (increase my wellbeing, building up something of stamina again and maybe losing a bit of weight), but it seems I'm not going to make the effort to go to a sports club. So if I can excercise at home (pedal away while watching TV or something), then that would probably help a lot.
I intend to ask a friend of ours, who is a sports therapist, for some advice on what to look for.

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