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Keen followers of kliktikfix will have noticed that the past days it's been slow to update. This had two reasons.

One was that klik was away on a business trip from monday to wednesday evening, so I had to select a photo from the set that's been selected already and upload it. The other reason was that her machine, which contains the harddisk that has the photos on it, has broken down.

Of course, I started to debug the machine, but no matter what I disconnected from the motherboard, it just wouldn't get through the POST. It couldn't be any of the peripherals (because I removed all those), so it had to be the mobo itself. Now, that's an old Asrock socket A motherboard, so it's not like we didn't get its money's worth through all these years. Definately time to upgrade to something else.
The housing (a Coolermaster Centurion), DVD burner and harddisks all still worked, so all we had to do was get a new motherboard and CPU and some memory. And since space was running low, I thought this would be a good time to convert the main disk to something bigger.

Of course, I browsed through the offerings of various webshops, and I found the Intel D945GCLF2 offered in a local shop. It's a mini-ITX sized board sporting a dual-core Atom. Calcifer has 'only' a single-core Atom, and that is sufficient for me -- surely a dual-core Atom would suffice klik too. Complete with 2GB of RAM, she has now twice the processing power and twice the RAM that I have at my disposal. :) I also got a 640GB harddisk to replicate the system disk on (8 times as big as the original one, I might add).

Unfortunately, Windows refused to boot with such radically different hardware. I tweaked things around for a bit, but to no avail -- I had to run an Automated System Recovery from my WinXP CD. The CD that has only SP1 included...
I wanted to follow this procedure once again to replicate the system disk onto the larger one, but the shadow services are part of SP2 and later. So I first needed to do an intensive session of Windows Update (again) to get the machine up to date before doing the mirroring...

All in all, it's been a lot of work (and it's not even finished yet!), but I'm about to swap out the system disk to see if the replication went OK. At least Photoshop (the most important application for klik) still starts up.
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