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The new season is upon us!

Umi Monogatari: Marin and Urin are some sort of mermaids -- but without the fish tail. One day, Marin finds a ring floating down, and the two of them go to 'the sky' to deliver the ring back to the person who lost it. It turns out that Kanon, a highschool girl, was dumped by her boyfriend and threw the ring she got from him into the sea in a fit of rage. Naturally, she isn't interested in getting the ring back!
Great character designs (with just a little fan servce...), a soothing soundtrack and a great water-color feel to it. And the story promises to be interesting as well, what with the Big Bad being released!

Aoi Hana: Akira and Fumi were friends when they were little, but then Akira moved away. Now ten years have passed, and Akira's family has returned to Kamakura. Without realising it, the two meet on their first day of highschool in the train. That evening, they re-connect, and slip back into the roles they had ten years ago: Fumi being a bit of a crybaby and Akira supporting her.
Slow-moving yuri romance story, with lots of attention to details -- in animation, background and character designs. Set in Kamakura -- we recognised some of the scenery.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni: The fabulously wealthy Ushiromiya family convene on their own island. There's a legend that the current family head, grandfather Kinzo, got ten tonnes of gold from Beatrice the Gold Witch -- in exchange for his soul. Now he has three months to live, and already his children are circling like vultures around the family fortune. Meanwhile the grandchildren try to have some fun. And then a typhoon traps them on the island...
"Horror"-anime of the 'closed environment where people die off one by one'-variety. The backgrounds are dull, the character designs really basic and both the voice acting and animation is really overacting.

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!: In a parallel dimension, there's a task force that travels to our world to help people who are depressed. They use electricity (tapped from the transformers that are hung on the eletricity poles on the streets) to 'charge their souls' back up! Plug is one of them, and she gets in all sorts of trouble when a human can actually see through her stealth camouflage!
Ecchi fanservice fest with lots of random violence, passed off as 'comedy'. And the creators seem to have an unhealthy obsession with girls peeing in their pants.
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