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Even more words!

babarage gave me these:

1. Bernheze
We had fun for three days, but it convinced me that traditional series are just Not My Thing. I'd rather do a nice multi than hop in and out of cards on non-descript places. The reviews on the gc.nl forum and the logs of the final mystery were enthusiastic, but I didn't share the feeling.

2. Snakes
Not too fond of 'em, but I hardly encounter one -- so I guess that's good. :)

3. Slowcooker
Ever since I bought it (after looking around for it for ages), I try to make a stew every week. In fact, tonight we had left-over ajam ketjap. It was so delicious, and it was so easy to make! It really fits well with my love for stews and my preference for 'fire-and-forget' cooking.

4. Meme
I tend to participate in any non-stupid meme. It gives this blog a semblance of liveliness. Sometimes it also makes it seem like there's actual thought-out content on here.

5. Christmas
Christmas doesn't mean much to me, I much prefer Sinterklaas. But ever since my sister emigrated to Denmark, we've been celebrating Sinterklaas at Christmas, because they're only in the country at that time.
I dislike the travelling that is expected of us during that time, but luckily we can rest up at work afterwards. ;)
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