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More Words!

I still owe xaviar_nl some Words!

1. Ponytail
I dislike getting my hair cut. And when I moved out, I resolved to let my hair grow out -- to my amazement my mom (who still cut my hair back then) agreed to cooperate. I had long hair from '91 on. People stopped recognising me. I liked my hair-do. Some days, my hair was longer than klik's (who still had long hair back then, too).
Then I graduated and started work. I wore suits to the office every day. And I had long hair -- a bit of a novelty then. At least for some people.

Then I started to get a bald spot. It had to be cut. My boss came to ask me if this meant I would become a conformist -- but he found out there wasn't much chance of that happening.
For a short while, I had some sort of in-between hair-do, but after a few months we took a set of clippers to my head. Now there are people who don't believe I ever had long hair.

2. Ghibli
The Ghibli movies rank a cut above the rest. The detailing, the subject matter, the stories... They're very 'human', but show a larger whole as well.
I think that one of the things that make a Ghibli movie a Ghibli movie is the hand of the masters. A single person writes the scenario, storyboards, directs and oversees the voice acting. That makes for a very consistent work -- and because there's ample budget, there's enough room to manoever the thing until it is just right.

3. Semergy
The big unfulfilled promise of the year 2000.

4. Cargo pants
I've been wearing those almost exclusively since... 2000. They're cheap, comfortable, come in a variety of colors, and they are oh-so practical (what with the pockets).
Speaking of Semergy, I remember B. mentioning that I always looked the same (cargo pants, colorful T-shirt, striped smock). I retorted that he always looked the same too: always in dark suit with white shirt. He didn't really have a reply to that. ;)

5. Amber
I like amber-the-material. Light-weight, shiny, with lots of structure.
But I also like Amber-the-roleplaying-game. The first diceless RPG, which a really creative crowd of players around it. Even though it hasn't been in print for years, there's still conventions dedicated solely to the playing of Amber. We went to a few Ambercon UKs -- great fun.
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