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More Words!

nathreee gave me these five words:

I used to love gadgets. I had a PalmPilot 1000 when they were still being made by US Robotic -- took the damn thing with me everywhere. Upgraded to a Palm III later on. And then I started to notice that I felt... oppressed. Because I always had to have that thing with me, and I felt not in control over how i used it anymore.
Since then, I make it a point to not carry too much technology on me, and to choose which technology to use and how. I keep forgetting my cellphone, and my resistance to getting a Blackberry from work is the stuff of legends. ;)

I started playing RPGs when I was 14. I still have the session report that one of the players typed out that evening. I still have the session report that I typed out of the second session. RPGs have been with me ever since. Not always as much on the foreground, but it's always been there.

The love of my life. I don't know what I would do without her. According to a friend of ours, we "deserve" each other.

Physical distance doesn't mean much to me. There's email, there's phone, there's blogs -- there are ways to keep in touch over vast distances. But I do take sharp notice of the distance to the next waypoint when we're out geocaching. ;)

Most of my work consists of communication these days. There have been times that I've been a pretty bad communicator, but I'd like to think I learned. The most important thing I learned is to listen before speaking. And when I can get people in touch and good things happen as a result of that, I feel great.
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