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It turns out that the 'reboot into Windows'-thing that I posted about earlier doesn't work. There's a bug in Grub's savedefault option, so that doesn't work properly. So much for that plan. :(

Also, I installed XMAME to (re)play some of my arcade favourites. However (and I noticed this before), I couldn't get Vasara (either 1 or 2) to run properly, even though I had no problems with running it when I was still using MAME under Windows! Digging through various forums yielded the information that XMAME compiled with gcc 4.3 (the current version) has problems with these games, but that XMAME compiled with gcc 3.4 (the 'old' version) works quite well.
So it wasn't harder than to install gcc3.4, a 'apt-get build-dep xmame' and an 'apt-get source xmame' to get everything set up. All I had to do then was to tweak the Makefile a bit -- and then I had an XMAME that worked with these delicious schmups!
OK, so it's not a real solution in that it isn't 'fixed', but I can play these games now without a hitch -- which certainly solved my problem. Sometimes I love open source. (At other times, I merely like it a lot.)
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