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Teasing the natives

klik tells me that I shouldn't tease the Danes by pretending I'm Danish myself. We certainly look Danish -- people start talking Danish to us all the time, and only after we tell them we don't speak Danish do they switch to English.
I can understand some of what is said to me in Danish, so I try to play along as much as possible. Today we bought a car charger (the cable to feed our TomTom from the car's cigarette lighter broke) at a phone shop. I could understand the salesman perfectly fine, but I can't speak any Danish beyond 'ja' (yes), 'nei' (no) and 'tak' (thanks). So I conducted the whole transaction with only these three words, and the guy looked at me increasingly suspicious -- he thought I was taking him for a fool or something like that. I think in the end he sussed out that I was a foreigner, but by that time we were walking out of the store again.

Somehow, such things never happened when we were in Japan. ;)

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