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New anime

The first fansubbed episodes of the new season's series are continuing to trickle through. Today we watched two new series.

First was Cosmopolitan Prayers. It has 13-minute episodes, so it's a 'half-episode' series.
I don't know what it's about or what the plot is. It seems to be about a group of girls who can use magical 'charms' to transform into combat uniforms with special battle abilities. They are organised in a group called 'Cosmopolitan Prayers' or 'Cosprayers' (a 'clever' pun on the term "cosplayers").
The main reason for this seems to be to show 'em running around in their skimpy swimsuit-like uniforms (during the changing sequences) and to provide panty-shots.
It's colorful, the music is poppy, and the plot doesn't make sense so far... Maybe we need to see a second episode to be sure.

Second was Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. The opening sequence shows girls on jetski's, wearing little more than a few threads... We were sceptical.
It's about a girl, Maia, who applies for a student position at the Ocean Agency, apparently a really important research organisation. Despite her good marks and excellent performance on the practical test, she is rejected. To make things even worse, she has to get out of her house, so she is basically out of luck. And at the end of the episode, she is even shot down by some kind of special operative (one of the women barely wearing anything)...

Seems like this series will be heavy on the fanservice, but the world is pretty interesting. Character designs are a bit... weird, with heads that are slightly too large or something.
I don't care much for the fanservice, but the plot could prove to be interesting.

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