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Improved efficiency

After I tweaked my Jaunty installation on Calcifer, I had to deal with a lot of crashes and general instability. Sometimes the font tables would get messed up (necessitating closing and restarting all programs to get legible text again), and sometimes I would get a total crash -- I could still move the mouse, but keystrokes and mouseclicks would go unregistered. And the mean time between failures was steadily decreasing.
So I removed the kernel (which was part of the tweaks to get the Intel graphics behaving again), and lo and behold: everything is rock solid once again! And the graphics are still doing fine -- Google Earth is as nippy as before, so I'm a happy camper once again.

I'm busy preparing for our vacation (we leave for Denmark on Wednesday), and of course geocaching will be part of our holiday. Next to selecting caches, editing the descriptions and printing it all out, I also wanted to update the set of maps on the GPSr. However, that is only possible from within Windows, using Garmin's Mapsource program. That meant I had to boot Sootball into Windows again.
Sootball boots into Jaunty by default, and I can use VNC or FreeNX to take control of the desktop there. I can use a VNC server on the Windows side as well (I use one to remotely control Jiji as well). But before that can happen I have to hook up a monitor and keyboard first -- I need to interrupt the GRUB default boot and select the Windows boot option.

Wouldn't it be cool if I could specify from within Ubuntu that the next boot should go into Windows? Then I could start up Sootball, log in on Ubuntu. set the next boot to Windows and reboot. Then I'd only have to wait a bit until Windows would be all started up, and I'd use VNC to control the machine. On next boot, it should go to Ubuntu again.
And now I have precisely that set up. Through the magic of the GRUB 'savedefault --once' command, I can set the next boot for something else and still have the default boot go to Ubuntu. This means I can run Sootball completely headless -- all I have to do is log in from Calcifer. No need to switch cables around anymore!

Also, I found out that Mapsource can also write the maps to an SD-card through USB -- that speeds up things dramatically -- as in: 10 minutes instead of 90!

I am quite pleased.
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