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Totoro stamp

bee_eye has designed a Totoro logo some time ago. Obviously, this had to become a stamp, and it had to be a large one.

I really liked the coloring, and I wanted to preserve that feel. I could have made two stamps and gone for the multi-impression stamping, but as my experiments with the sakura showed, it is quite hard to get a clean two-color stamp. Clearly, some other way was needed.
The solution was to futz a bit in GIMP, and I ended up with an image where all the white lines in the original (the outlines of the colored spaces) were black and the rest was white. I cut a stamp from that, so that I could get the outlines I wanted:

A huge close-up of the original stamp. It's 8 x 8 cm, like most of the large bee_eye stamps I made. It was a bit finnicky, but overall pretty nice to do.
After that, klik took up the markers and started coloring:

Blue Totoro

Beige Totoro

Brown Totoro

Turns out that the markers bleed through the paper I use for cards, which made writing them a bit iffy. Still, I'm very pleased with how they turned out!
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