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Upgrade woes

Whenever I ran Google Earth, the names and information on the map-screen itself was incomplete. Amongst others, the letters 'a' and 'e' weren't rendered, and only the number '9' was shown. That made it impossible to actually use it for anything remotely useful. Extensive searching didn't really yield a solution, except that doing an upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope, would solve those issues.

The upgrade on Sootball went without a hitch, so I decided to take the plunge this morning and let Calcifer update itself. The process was pretty painless -- I only had to intervene once, the rest of it went on without needing interaction. But after the reboot, I got only garbled noise on the screen instead of the login screen... I booted into an older kernel, and that seemed to work OK...

I fired up Google Earth, and while now all names rendered correctly, it said that it was running in 'low graphics mode' -- that means that the video driver that was used didn't support OpenGL, or something like that. Ever since the hardware management was given over to HAL, it's impossible to see what's going on in the xorg.conf. I haven't found out (yet) where this information is kept...
Some searching gave me this guide. I followed all the steps for the 'Optimal Configuration', and lo and behold: after a reboot I got the right login screen and everything worked again. Google Earth once again worked flawlessly and fast.

I also found out that the old Python XML modules I used for GetCache didn't work anymore. They've been deprecated ever since Intrepid switched to Python 2.5 -- but with a 'fix' you could get them working anyway. But Jaunty is on Python 2.6, and the old method doesn't work anymore.
So I took the plunge and converted the script to lxml, which is a set of Python bindings for libxml -- relatively stable, still under development, and fast. The conversion was relatively painless, because the API of lxml is nices than the one I used to use.

Now everything is working once again. A pity that these things pop up -- I guess it's unavoidable when following any OS upgrade cycle.
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