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Finished series: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

We've finished watching Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ("The eternity you wish for") yesterday.
The main characters are Haruka and Mizuki, who are both friends, and Takayuki, the guy whom Haruka falls in love with. We meet them during their school days, and the first three episodes document Takayuki's struggling relationship with Haruka. At the end of the third episode, something happens, and then we go forward in time by three years.

Haruka gets involved in an accident when she was waiting for Takayuki to pick her up for a date. Takayuki is late because he was held up by Mizuki, who has a secret crush on him.
Haruka survives the accident, but lies in a coma/sleeps for three years, and the guilt Takayuki and Mizuki feel about her accident hangs like a dark cloud over their heads.
Mizuki and Takayuki have hooked up since, but when Haruka wakes up again, things get really complicated!

I liked the fact that the focus of the series is not on schoolkids, but on adults/students. I don't know at what age you're supposed to finish highschool in Japan, but if you're 18 when you're done, then that means that the main characters are now 21! They have jobs or study at the university. It's pretty refreshing to see slightly older people as main characters, as opposed to the teenagers that make up the vast bulk of characters in anime.

The series is (if I'm not mistaken) based on a hentai-game. Now, there are more series like that (Da Capo, Popotan, etc), and the anime-version of those   stories tend to focus rather heavily on fanservice -- but not Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Yes, there's sex involved, but this is presented as sex, not a guy seeing a girl's panties. No, we don't get full frontal nudity (the image tastefully fades to black), and there's not a whole lot of sex in it either -- just enough to set the psychological ties between the characters.

Yes, psychological ties. Who could have thought that an anime based on a hentai-game could actually focus on the inner conflicts of the characters? While Takayuki seems to suffer somewhat from the 'lack-of-personality syndrome' that most male leads in hentai-game-based anime have, it's not like he is completely without motivation and conflict.
The series poses an interesting situation -- I don't know what I would have done if I had been Takayuki. I would probably messed up about as badly as he did.

The resolution to the whole plot is very satisfying, and it all ends up pretty well. Sad, but well.

Good points:
- Handles it's hentai-game ancestry well and tastefully;
- Interesting dilemmas;
- More mature characters;
- Rather 'psychological'.
Bad points:
- At some points in the story, Takayuki needs a swift kick in the nuts;
- Music is rather uninspiring;
- So are the character designs;
- The story 'drags' a bit before the climax of the story.

I'll give it an 8.5. It's pretty lackluster as an anime (wrt music and character designs), but the story is very interesting and 'grown-up'.

(This must be the longest review of an anime series I've done to date...)

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