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More personal stamps

Sunday, usmu came to visit us. We went to the cultural centre to check out the courses there (I enrolled in this course -- I'll learn more graphical techniques starting September), and then went home to chill out.
He had brought some symbology with him: hand-drawn rebusses, so to speak. Some of these already adorn his body in the form of tattoos -- the others will (probably) follow. Instead of straightening out the lines, I decided to maintain the wiggly hand-drawn quality of the lines.

All of these stamps are between 4 and 6 cm long. I'm not going to tell you what they mean -- but I am going to tell you that the second one from the top should be 'read' upside-down.
Cutting these sent me into full-on super-focussed-nerd-mode, which made me slightly unsocial... I hope I paid that off with the stamps themselves. :)

Also, if you wonder what it looks like when I'm cutting stamps, you should check out the KlikTikFix entry for Sunday.
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