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I'm a member of the brievenbus community. Its maintainers put a lot of work in it. A few weeks ago, I rebelled against the pre-moderation they have on the community -- lots of talking ensued, and in the end it's been switched off.
I felt a bit bad about it, because I made an implicit accusation that was, on second thought, completely baseless and stupid. It's been resolved, but it kept nagging me. I wanted to do something to make it up to them.

What better way than to cut a stamp for them? It could be useful in 'sealing' envelopes and all sorts of other paper-craft related things. So it had to be a relatively small stamp, and it had to fit with the person.
The easiest was ochtendzon. "Ochtendzon" means "morning sun" -- so it had to be a sun that was just coming up. I decided on the shape of a shield to make it a bit more 'heraldic':

It's 3.5 x 2.5 cm, and it's an all-original design. I just drew it on the stamping rubber and cut it out.

Next was _intrinsic. Her default icon (which she always uses) shows her in a wool hat and scarf with a white winter landscape on the background. So it had to be something winter-themed: a snowflake! I found a really nice snowflake somewhere, and got to work:

It's about 3cm across. It was a surprisingly lot of work. Small rectangular pieces are best cut out with the knife, but every piece requires four incisions instead of just going through once with the cutter. Cutting out the outer rim was a lot of work as well, what with all the small indentations. But I'm pretty pleased with the result!

Last was mijnerzijds_. Her icons don't give much of a common theme. But her user info features a line from a song lyric mentioning astronauts. Looking around for pictures of astronauts didn't really produce anything feasible.
The lyric in question is from the first album by Dutch artist Spinvis. The cover shows a mix tape that has been repurposed again and again, and is supposed to finally hold the album itself. Looking around for images of cassette tapes yielded a photo on Flickr of a cassette tape stencil. Manipulating the image in GIMP yielded a black and white version -- with quite wobbly lines. I decided to keep the wobbly lines to keep that 'grungy' look:

This one's about 3cm across as well.

All three ladies were enthousiastic, so I guess that went well. :)
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