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Finished series: Maria-sama ga Miteru, fourth season

We've finished watching Maria-sama ga Miteru, Fourth Season. My first review is here.

It's more Mari-Mite, what's not to like!?

We once again return to school. Sachiko is in her third year, Yumi in her second. With Sachiko graduating at the end of the school year, Yumi will become the next Rosa Chinensis and take her seat at the Yamayuri council (at least, if she gets elected -- but that should be just a formality). However, with Yumi not having a 'little sister', there would be no 'Rosa Chinensis en bouton', which is a serious threat to the continuity of the school council! Well, not really -- I'm sure someone else would step up to the plate if that would happen, but you gotta have drama, right!?
So, on the evening of the school festival, when Sachiko and Yumi have been sisters for a year, Sachiko tasks Yumi with finding a little sister of her own!

For once, there's some actual plot for the series. We get to know more and more about Touko, the distant relative of Sachiko who had such an abrasive personality at the beginning. We get to see more of Sachiko's fiancé and his relationship with Sachiko. We get to see Sachiko being her delicate self.

Again, what little plot there is, is spun out with great feeling for drama and pathos -- just like the previous series, really. At least there is some sort of plot.
Visually, the series is pretty much what we have come to expect from Mari-Mite: plain pastel backgrounds and scenery, but with great attention to the character designs and the movements of the main characters.

If you liked the preceding series, you'll want to watch this. I'll give it an 8.5 -- highly amusing.
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