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'Artisanal cooking'

It's become some sort of a tradition: after a long geocaching walk, we go eat pancakes! Colleague J. and his girlfriend M. are (relatively) new to geocaching, and they were a year together -- so there was enough reason to go to a multicache and eat together afterwards. There's a nature preserve just next to the city centre of Arnhem, which also has a 'pancake farm' at the edge. That looked like the perfect combination, so we set out.

The multi was really, really nice to do. Not much to say about that -- it was one of the best, because of the surroundings.

Then we went to the restaurant. There, I learned that 'artisanal cooking' is a code-word for 'incompetent servers' and 'an inefficient kitchen'. Those losers wouldn't be able to serve food on time and professionally even if their life depended on it.
I will freely admit that I know next to nothing about running a restaurant, but I could mention three or four things that would make things run so much smoother...

It was really baffling.

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