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Lancaster Bomber

Tomorrow is Liberation Day in the Netherlands -- we celebrate that on May 5th 1945, the German troops in the Netherlands capitulated. But today is Memorial Day -- it started off as the day to commemorate the dead from the second world war, but it turned into a memorial day for everybody who lost their lives in a war.

A few weeks ago, we went to visit klik's parents. We did a multi-cache near there, which led us to the crash site of a Lancaster bomber. The memorial there was pretty impressive: a concrete cross, with some wreckage of the plane embedded in a slab of concrete. Seven trees were planted in a semi-circle around it: one for each crew member. Six of them died on impact, the seventh died two days after the crash.

Apparently there are two Lancasters left. And apparently only one of them can still fly. And today, I saw that plane fly.

As part of the ceremonies today, a Lancaster would do a fly-by of Beuningen (a small village next to Nijmegen) before flying over to Arnhem (where the fighting was particularly fierce). The line from where it would take off to Beuningen runs over the office at TNJ -- one of my colleagues, F, told me about it this morning. He said he was going to watch it come over outside, and I had planned to join him. However, I was in a meeting and when I got out of it, I met him onhis way back in -- I had missed it.
Fortunately, I got to see the circling over Beuningen from the window. Really impressive, and it made the memorial in the woods near Nunspeet even more impressive.

This evening, I cut a stamp of a Lancaster bomber, to mark today in style.

Apparently I moved the stamp slightly when making the impression, which is why the lower wing and the tail is a bit fuzzy. Never mind that.
The design is from the logo of the Carpetbagger Aviation Museum in Harrington.

I think I'll give the stamp to F. He used to have a model plane of the Lancaster, and it was the biggest he had. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.
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