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Food, glorious food!

Our dinner today was really delicious! We had bought instant curry roux in an oriental supermarket, and we wanted to try it out. We also had two packets of udon noodles, and we decided to round it all out with tonkatsu! It was a bit of a hassle to get it all finished at the same time (I failed at that), but it was delicious none the less!

Curry udon. The curry contains carrots, onions and potatoes. The curry roux was quite delicious -- not too spicy, but more spicy than the one I made myself previously. Only problem I had with it, was that the curry was rather thin, which made it hard to eat with the udon. I prefer curry rice myself, but klik was very enthusiastic about the combinations curry/noodles.

Our dinner, ready to be eaten! I prefer chili sauce with my tonkatsu.
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