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More new anime

More new anime!

Ristorante Paradiso: Nicoletta was pretty much abandoned by her mother, Olga. So she travels to Rome to confront Olga and her lover with the fact that Olga was actually married and had a daughter -- something that will certainly break off their relationship (or so it seems). All Nicoletta knows is that her mothers' lover is the owner of a restaurant. When she gets there, she is greeted by a group of gentlemen who wear reading glasses -- something that's Olga's fancy, apparently. Nicoletta is passed off as the daughter of Olga's friend, and is taken in by the group -- but Nicoletta's feelings get confusing...
Total fangirl fodder, but a bit more grown-up than the usual.

Souten Kouro: Historical anime set in ancient China. Main character is someone you don't know (unless you're a scholar of the warring kingdoms period) who gathers a posse. Using trickery and subterfuge, he defeats some other guy you don't know who wants to become the new emperor.
There's some scenes where blood spatters everywhere, character designs are unattractive and the storytelling is disjointed.

Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom: Another one of Bee Train's "Girls with Guns"-series. This time it's an assassin called "Ein". One unlucky Japanese guy gets mixed up in this, and he gets brainwashed into being "Zwei". Together they're the assassin team of a crime syndicate.
Halfway through the episode we decided we weren't really interested.

Slap Up Party - Arad Senki: Fantasy anime that seems to be based on an CRPG. Demons can possess humans (turning an arm into some sort of demonic arm that also has demonic strength), and Baron got possessed in the aftermath of a fight against the Big Bad some ten years ago. As well as a demonic possession, he also got the ghost of a woman out of the deal -- she follows him around and helps him to find a way to get rid of his arm. And then he gets mixed up in some unwholesome business involving a village and a couple of monsters.
It so silly it's not even funny anymore. And ugly to boot. And clichéd. And boring.

Examurai Sengoku: Members of some Japanese hip-hop group are cast as samurai in the warring states period. "Stupid" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Pandora Hearts: A boy of noble descent is preparing for his coming of age ceremony as the future duke of the house Bezarius. Then he finds a grave in some hidden corner of the estate. There's a pocket watch draped around the cross -- and when he touches it, he gets transported to some creepy children's room inhabited by toothy stuffed toys and a girl who promises to kill him.
And then the episode ended and we didn't care anymore.

Basquash!: Dan hates the so-called Bigfoots, worker mecha, because one hurt his sister and that put her in a wheelchair. Bigfoots are used to play basketball with, but because of the cumbersome machines it's really boring to watch. Dan, who plays 'normal' basketball, turns out to be a natural with the Bigfoot controls -- and his girlfriend plans a 'raid' on a bigfoot basketball game to show people it can be exciting with the right pilot behind the controls.
The premise is as stupid as it sounds. It's all technically executed perfectly, but the fact that it's sponsored by Nike should tell you enough. And since it's shounen there's lots of shouting and jiggly tits too. I guess I'm not 'street' enough for it.
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