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New Benzaiten release

spydielives prodded me for more features in Benzaiten. Some of those were already on my list and had been finished only half. Apparently this feedback is what I need to get motivated again, because I put the finishing touches for a new release yesterday evening.

The result is Benzaiten 0.4, "the klik birthday celebration release". It can be downloaded here.
New features are:
- Account name and server are used as the window title;
- Menu items to insert links to users and communities;
- Menu items (and keyboard shortcuts) to insert LJ cuts with and without text;
- History dialog.

I'm not sure the LJ-cut menu items are the best way to do it -- feedback is welcome.

Still on my list for a following release:
- HTML formatting options;
- Button bar to make formatting options easily available;
- Interface to edit friends (a la Semagic);
- Various things to clean up the code.
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