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More RPG stamps

Tuesday I had another session of nathreee's D&D campaign. I was pretty tired, and I needed to relax a bit. RPGing isn't really relaxing, but cutting stamps is. But I wanted to go anyway, because I'm part of the party and if at all possible, I should show up -- I made that commitment when I joined.

But I took my carving supplies and a slab of rubber. I had nathreee draw some designs on the rubber and carved the stamps while playing. Good thing the party was split up and I didn't have to play all the time.

On the left hand side is the shield of The Righteous One, the main god of the kingdom where we're based. His paladins think they're the hot shit, but as long as we make a handsome living cleaning up after them, I don't mind much.
On the right hand side is the sigil of Hiemstra, the patron deity of sailors. And incidentally, our doctor is also a cleric of Hiemstra. Why sailors would worship a god that is known for this thunderstorms is beyond me.
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