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Shangri-La: Global Warming got as bad as the most pessimistic scenario that exists right now, and the emission of carbon dioxide is strictly regulated. Emission rights are traded on the 'Carbon Markets', which seems to be as shady as the current emission rights that are swapped around in the EU at the moment. Some groups have to survive in the ruins of crumbled cities, and Kuniko is the daughter of the leader of one such group. She just came out of juvenile prison, and within two days she gets into a kerfuffle with the military again...!
Gorgeous looks, excellent CGI, lushly detailed world, (promises of a) deep plot. Clearly one of the winners this season.

True Mazinger: Mecha anime of the 'single giant robot versus a host of enemies'-type. The first episode is a whirlwind of seemingly loosely connected series of attacks, backstabs, defeats and revelations, featuring characters that we knew nothing about but are presented like they're well-known by the audience. Countless explosions, and then we find out it ties into ancient Greek mythology as well!
The first episode left us breathless and confused -- clearly, this is not designed to let new people enter the Mazinger franchise.

Natsu no Arashi!: Starts out normal enough: teenage boy sleeps too long on his summer vacation, and gets woken by his (female) friend to go to work in the town coffee shop. The night before, the boy has infused three strawberries with chilli and tabasco, which he wants to use on his enemies -- and the strawberry shortcake in the coffee shop is a good attack opportunity!
And then it all goes wrong and they have to travel through time to set it right. And some of the other characters can travel through time as well. It is almost Continuum-like, which makes it really interesting and amusing -- even though the animation is pretty basic.

Saki: Mahjong tournament anime. Saki has just entered highschool, and gets forced to play a game of mahjong by her friend. She manages to score 0 points in every round, which raises the suspicion of the club president. It turns out that Saki has a knack of always scoring 0 points, even though that takes 'superhuman luck'. If only that can be turned around so that Saki wants to win! It doesn't help that Saki dislikes mahjong, either.
The usual plot of the super-talented outsider. Lots of 'cute' girls and short skirts as well. The jargon completely confused us.

Hanasakeru Seishounen: Kajika is the daughter of magnate Harry Burnsworth. She enters a Japanese highschool, but then is called back to the US by her father. He challenges her to the 'marriage game': he has selected three men that he deems are worthy for her, and will arrange for her to meet them -- without telling her who they are! If she chooses one of those three as her husband, he will tell her what her true destiny is.
OK, so it's a bit of a silly set-up, but sure enough: it's a harem anime, with a female lead and pretty boys who circle around her. It does help that Kajika has character.

07-Ghost: Teito lost his memory as a child. He was a slave, but he turned out to have a talent for fighting, so he was enrolled in a military academy. On the day of his graduation, he meets Chief Ayanami, and he overhears something that awakens his memories -- Ayanami killed his brother, the prince of a neighbouring country! Teito is found out and has to escape.
Lots of pretty boys in uniforms, a bit of fighting, and some interesting designs.

Guin Saga: The kingdom of Parro is overrun by Mongolian hordes. The royal twins manage to escape, but they are discovered and attacked by a band of mongolian riders. A mysterious man with the mask of a leopard comes to their aid and slaughters the Mongols with super-human strength. He has no memories, and can't remove the mask... His name is Guin, and he decides to bind his fate to that of the twins.
Gorgeous fantasy epic, supposedly with a deep plot (there are some Gnomic Utterances in the first episode).

Genji Monogatari Sennenki: The Tale of Genji, the beloved second son of the Emperor who has been put outside of the line to the throne.
It's one of the classic stories and yet we know very little about it -- time to watch this to amend that. And this series is, again, gorgeous. Very nice character designs and incredibly detailed and lush backgrounds.

K-ON!: The school's Light Music Club is in danger of being disbanded because all the members graduated last year -- and there are only three members from the first year (a bass player, a drummer and a keyboard player). They are desperate to have a fourth member join. Meanwhile, Yui is looking for a club that doesn't require hard work, and she thinks the Light Music Club might be what she is looking for -- but it is the other way around: the Light Music Club is looking for her!
Bishoujo series with lots of music. A rather standard offering in both plot and looks, but that doesn't mean it's not amusing.
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