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Sengoku Basara: Set in the time period of the warring generals. Main characters are Masamune Date (the one-eyed samurai who wears a crescent on his helmet) and Yukimura Sanada. They meet on the battlefield and seem to be able to give eachother a run for their money -- Date's katanas glow blue and Yukimura's spears glow red! Date's band of punk samurai (complete with quiffs!) can only stand by and watch at the battle...!
Completely over the top, but very entertaining -- it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. The characters are certainly... colourful.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Seemingly a retelling or side-story to the first Fullmetal Alchemist series. At least, that's what it seems like: people who get killed in the first series are very much alive and kicking in the first episode. Still, the quality is what you'd expect of a high-profile series. I'm curious what they'll do about plot, though.

Cross Game: Hikaru has been practising his batting at the Clover café next door ever since he was a little kid. His sort-of girlfriend, Wakaba, is the second daughter of the family that runs the café -- they were even born on the same day. Through some circumstances Hikaru gets involved in a baseball game, and Wakaba thinks he's kinda cool doing that. And then she drowns, leaving Hikaru confused as to what he must do.
Rather bitter-sweet sports anime. The preview promises lots of tension between Hikaru and Aoba, the third sister, who turns out to be an ace thrower...

Shibawanko's Japanese Spirit: Really short episodes with household tips from Shibawanko, an industrious dog who cleans her Japanese home in order to receive a guest. Did you know you should use moist tea leaves to wipe away the dust on a tatami floor? Or how to properly decorate an alcove? Essential.

Hatsukoi Limited: Ayumi receives a confession from a really large and ugly guy, who has quite the reputation for being a ruffian. She's in a complete panic, and then she finds out it's the elder brother of her classmate that she fell in love in... And then some other ruffians abduct her in order to get to Ayumi's would-be tough-guy boyfriend!
Amusing, attractive character designs, and just enough comedy to keep it fresh. We do get an occasional panty-shot, but I guess that's to be expected from a series like that.

Jewel Pet: In some magical kingdom, über-kawaii pets are turned into jewel in order to go on some sort of trip. But in transit, they're lost in the human world by accident! One straggler is tasked to find her comrades, using her 'courage magic'. And of course she falls into the hands of a young girl who is in need of some self-confidence!
Freakishly cute and annoyingly squeaky voices. A nice toy tie-in aimed at young girls -- not our thing.

Eden of the East: Saki travels to Washington D.C., to try and make a wish on the fountain in front of the White House. She tries to throw a coin into the fountain (which is too far off), and she draws the attention of the policemen that are posted there. She is saved by the arrival of a stark-naked man, waving a gun and a cellphone around... This guy, seemingly named Akira, has lost his memory and finds lots of guns in his hotel room, before running off back to Japan with Saki...
Looks gorgeous, really interesting plot. And an opening theme by Oasis to boot.

Tayutama: Yuuri is set to inherit the shrine that his family takes care of. His spiritual power is much greater than that of his father's, the current priest. During construction, workers find a tree stump that turns out to be the resting place of the deity that is enshrined and revered in Yuuri's shine! Various things happen, and the deity reincarnates as a little girl -- but three bad spirits escape! Yuuri takes care of the young girl, but the next morning it turns out that she has... grown a lot!
This is what Kannagi would have been if it was more ecchi and more stupid. Oh, and it has squeaky voices too.

Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Crimson S: Apparently a retelling or sidestory of the original Polyphonica anime. In the first episode, we see how Phoron meets Corticarte, and how he manages to pass his Dantist exam by singing for her. But wait, didn't we already know this from the first series!?

Marie & Gali: Marika is a gothloli who has a stuffed animal that moves on its own, called 'Pet'. She meets Galileo, who helps her chase after Pet, giving her a physics lesson in the process...
There's something to be said about demonstrating the laws of physics in an anime. I just wish they'd find a less stupid way to do so.

Tears to Tiara: Fantasy anime. The Age of Humans is supposedly drawing to a close, and there is a sacrifice necessary to revive the Demon King that will destroy the empires of humanity and will rule the land. One unscrupulous priest seeks out this sacrifice, Riannon, in order to gain the favour of the Demon King. Her brother must rush to the resting place of the Demon King to save her, before the seal is broken!
Looks quite good. Reminded us strongly to the Records of Lodoss War, but the character designs are a tad cuter.

Asura Cryin': Tomoharu was involved in a plane crash three years ago, and lost his memory then. Ever since then, he is haunted by a ghost, Misao. Tomoharu is sent to live on his own when he enters high school. Just before he leaves home, he is given a heavy case by an acquaintaince of his older brother. This items seems to be coveted by many supernatural groups who are more than willing to battle each other and Tomoharu for it, leading to rather chaotic circumstances!
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