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Yesterday evening, I was feeling rather bleh. I haven't been sleeping well the past days (probably something to do with the hayfever), so I was tired and achy. klik had been working on-site with a client, and by the time she got home she was pretty bleh as well.
We had booked tickets to go see Yamato, a band of taiko drummers. We decided to go anyway, even though we had pretty low blood pressure.

It was amazing. The Yamato musicians are very skilled, and they go about their stage show with obvious pleasure. Some things are really closely choreographed and reheared, while others seem like they are improvised. But they play cymbals, flute and shamisen as well -- no one-trick ponies there.
Some pieces are really impressive with everybody on stage drumming, while some pieces have only three participants -- no doubt to allow the others to catch their breath and set up the stage for the next part of the show. Some parts are serious (a closely choreographed piece with six drummers), while others are more lighthearted and funny. There was some audience participation -- we had to clap certain rythms, but of course that fell apart when it got even slightly complex.

A really multi-layered, most impressive show. If you have the opportunity to see them, do so. You will not be sorry you did -- they are the top tier of drumming world wide.

And this morning, I received an email from muri_san that we should go see them. Too late, we already went! :)

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