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As a rule, I'm not really interested in watching sports on TV. There are some sports that I do like to watch, though. One of those is biathlon, a combination of langlaufen and shooting. It's a weird sport, it probably evolved out of military manoevers in snowy landscapes. The sport is dominated by nordic countries, but there are also swiss, austrian and german competitors. German TV shows the games, like they are doing right now.

During a biathlon, the athletes have to cover a certain distance via langlaufen (is there even an English word for that?), with shooting contests in between. You get five shots and five targets each time. If you miss a target, you have to langlauf an extra stretch -- so you want to hit those targets, but you don't want to spend a lot of time doing so.
Imagine running all-out, then dropping down in the snow, quickly trying to hit five targets and then run off again... These athletes have to have a good mix of concentration and raw stamina, and that impresses me.

Apparently the current game is really exciting, because the commentator is cheering the stars on ("Donnerwetter! Alle richtig!"), which is pretty amusing to hear/see. To me it's a mildly interesting thing to see, but to others it's really important.

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