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Some 'new' anime:

Valyria Chronicles: Alicia is a member of the town watch. The imperial armies are advancing, and the town is being evacuated. Unfortunately, the town is not a high priority for the military, and so the watch is left to fend for itself. Luckily, the general has a tank in his shed!
Apparently based on a RTS game. Looks quite good and has plenty of action.

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger: Sequel to 'Hajime no Ippo', and as such a boxing anime. Judging from the first episode, the plot will be typical sports anime. And the character designs haven't aged that well either. One for the connaisseurs.

Sora o Miageru Shōjo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai: TV remake of the Munto OVA. The first episode of the TV series is only slightly distinguishable from the first episode of the OVA. Only 9 episodes, but three times as long as the OVA.
Yumemi sees drifting continents in the sky, but she is the only one who can see them. They're actually 'shadows' of the Magical Kingdoms that exist in another world. One of the kingdoms has been using magic quite a lot, and apparently magic is a finited resource -- so the other kingdoms have started a war to preserve the little magic that is left. Munto, the king of the magical kingdom, travels to the human world to search for the girl who will help him 'restart' the magical world. Guess who's that?
Reasonable character designs, and a lot of fluid animation. Lots of brooding going on, though.

Kokaku no Regios: Once again, the world has ended. Large beasts roam the wastelands, and humanity is forced to live in giant mobile cities. One guy enters an academy, and through the manipulations of his sempai, he is forced to enroll in the 'Military Arts' programme. There's some stuff about psychic abilities as well.
Even though it's a pretty bleak future, the tone of the series (at least at the start) seems pretty light. It's a shounen series, so there's fighting and pretty girls all around -- who could ask for more?

Inazuma Eleven: Sports anime -- this time it's soccer. Main character is the keeper, who inherited a notebook with secret training techniques from his grandfather! Surely it can't get any more ridiculous than this.

Maria-sama ga Miteru, 4th season: More MariaMite! The focus slowly drifts away from the relationship between Sachiko and Yumi. Instead of a puppy who follows her onee-sama around, Yumi is slowly changing (through gentle prodding from Sachiko) into a dependable member of the Yamayurkai. And there is, of course, the matter of the succession!
You should have decided by now if you'd like this one or not. Me, I'm all over this like a cow on grass.

White Album: Fuji dates Yuki -- but they don't see each other often because of Yuki's work -- she is an idol singer. And there's a lot of girls hanging around Fuji. And Fuji is a total loser.

Dirty Pair TV: TV series based on the OVAs. Kei and Yuri are private detectives, but their investigations always seem to result in massive collateral damage -- hence their nicknames 'Dirty Pair'. And then they blame something or someone else for all the carnage.
The animation is pretty dynamic, but the personalities of the Pair didn't really work with me. And the character designs haven't aged that well in this series either.

Maria Holic: Kanako enters an all-girl highschool -- she is allergic to men. She's also a yuri fanatic, and she wants to meet the girl of her dreams there. And somehow she falls under the influence of a cross-dressing boy, whom she at first thought was her ideal partner. But he finds out her secret, and he uses that knowledge to let her do his bidding.
Looks nice enough, but it's so lame it's not even funny anymore.

Macademi Wasshoi!: Takuto is secretly a magician, who attends the Magician's Academy after school. For one of his exams, he has to summon a familiar. Of course, this goes horribly wrong and he summons a magical girl (literally!) who holds huge amounts of magical power and who professes her undying loyalty to her 'master'. And of course she is scantily clad and of course Takuto's sister dissaproves and of course Takuto gets random violence applied at the drop of a hat.

Druaga no To - the Sword of Uruk: Set some ten years after the events in the first series. All monsters have dissapeared from the tower, and now the heroes of the first series are left to eke out a living working various odd jobs -- still dreaming of the glamorous life they had in the past. But not all is right with the world, as there are some shady people plotting nefarious deeds. Due to their connections of the old days, our heroes manage to evade their would-be captors and get a hint of things to come!
Starts out really funny, but before you know it, you're back into the action! Made with the same high quality as the first series -- a must-see for fans of the previous one!

Rideback: The GGP (whatever that means) has taken over the world in some sort of fascist coup. Rin was a promising ballet dancer, but she hurt herself and decided to quit. But in her first day of college she comes across a club maintaining some sort of robotic motorcycle (think a Mospeada with rudimentary AI), and of course she ends up riding one. Due to her ballet experience she has excellent balance when the thing shifts to unicycle mode, and starts to enjoy the experience.
Of course, you know she'll end up getting involved with Rideback-using resistance warriors or something like that. Looks cool, too.

One Outs: Baseball anime. The title is the name of a game that the US troops stationed at Okinawa play: one batter and one pitcher -- if the pitcher manages to let the batter hit three strikes, he wins. Otherwise, if the batter manages to hit the ball cleanly, the batter wins. Three Japanese baseball players are unwittingly lured into this den of gambling during their training camp. The undisputed king of the game pitches nearly perfect -- but he is only motivated by money.
It's a bit ugly, and the atmosphere is pretty cold and competitive. Not our thing.

Kurokami: There's three copies of every person. When you meet one of your doppelgangers, both of you die a horrible death, and your karma/luck/whatever is absorbed by the third copy. There's some shadowy organisation who is gathering all those 'third copies' for their own nefarious ends. But one of 'em escapes and involves Keita in her fight against the organisation that wants her back.
Looks decent enough, but it's kinda creepy in a slightly boring way. Sure, the fights are pretty explosive, but the plot doesn't really shine through.
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