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New stamp

luna_puella reacted to my post in the "I'll make something for you"-meme, so I had to make something for her.

And of course it had to be a stamp. I thought an 'Ex Libris'-stamp would be fitting and useful for her, but when I asked her what her personal 'sigil' or 'logo' was, all I got back was that she drew stars on everything. So then I thought of doing something with the Pleiades constellation -- but all I could come up with was something that was too much like the flag of the United Federation of Planets. Clearly something else was needed.

So then I my muddled throught process went something like stars -> moon -> girl. So I did a google image search for "moon girl" and up popped a commercial logo with a girl sitting on the moon, surrounded by stars. I had to swap around the things she held in her hands, though.
All that was left was to select a font. The image had lots of curvy lines, so I would need a font that was likewise. I settled on Little Lord Fontleroy. klik futzed some in Photoshop to get the text aligned with the curve of the moon, and I got to work.

About midway, I feared that the designs was beyond my skill. Carving faces is a very precise piece of work, and I seem to need more practise there. I did manage in the end, though it's certainly different from the original design.

And yesterday I gave it to her when we collected her at her parents home to go geocaching with us.

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