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Finished anime: Allison & Lillia

We've finished watching Allison & Lillia. My first episode review is here.

The series is set in a world that's divided into two big continents. On one side is Roxche, which is actually a Federation of a few kingdoms, and on the other is the kingdom of Sou Beil. The two countries are at war, due to some stupid reason -- and they have been for a long time.
Allison Whittington is a war orphan, and she grew up in the same orphanage as Wilhelm Schultz. After graduating, she joined the airforce where she works as a pilot -- while Wilhelm is still in school, studying. Wil is the straight man to Allison's adventurous spirit, and when they hear a story about a great treasure that might end the war, they get in head over heels and have to survive in enemy territory!
They find the mural that ends the war but give credit to Kar Benedict, a pilot from Sou Beil who believes their story. They end up in Ixtova and get involved with an intrigue surrounding the royal family. They go on a cross-continental train trip and get caught up in an intrigue involving an arms dealer who got rich off the war.

And then Wil knocks up Allison and leaves to work as a secret service agent in Sou Beil.

Skip forward fifteen years, when Lillia, the daughter of Allison and Wil becomes the focus of the series. Her mom is still an airforce pilot, and Allison is dating this military attaché from the Sou Beil embassy to Roxche... Kar Benedict has married princess Fiona and they have twins. And of course every summer Allison takes her daughter to visit Ixtova, where Treize (the prince of Ixtova!) visits her and especially Lillia, keeping his true identity a secret from Lillia.
Lillia and Treize get in all sorts of trouble too. They get involved in an intrigue to shoot down a plane full of orphans, in a hostage situation involving the Ixtova royal family, etcetera.
The cool thing is that the parents are not merely side characters, but take an active part in the plot. Plots that started off in the Allison arc sometimes return with a vengance in the Lillia arc. That gives the whole thing a good sense of continuity.

The writer must have been channeling the more adventurous side of Enid Blyton, because you have all these really young kids knowing how to fly planes and getting into all sorts of big intrigues that any normal teenage would be completely incapable of dealing with. But Allison, Wil, Lillia and Treize seem to be able to somehow get by...
You're not supposed to over-analyse the plots, but just stay on for the ride.

The character designs are OK. Most of the time the animation is OK too -- but sometimes the animators cut some corners. It's immediately apparent that this series did not have a stellar budget, and the quality is likewise. The attraction is in the clever intrigues and the short spurts of action. The plots are interlocked as well, which makes the world a more believable place -- even though these teenagers are always in the hotspot of trouble anywhere on the two continents!

Good points:
- Nice adventure series;
- Deep and interlocking plots;
- Great continuity.
Bad points:
- Not really plausible;
- Rather basic look.

All in all, a fun ride. I'll give it a 7.
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