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Fading Suns stamps

So, I play in a Fading Suns game. Every character is part of a noble house, or a church faction or a guild. And all of 'em have their own sigil or logo. I had some scrap carving rubber lying around, so I got to work to give every player a stamp with the sigil of the affiliation of his/her character.
Of course, the GM had to do without a stamp -- but he turned out to have a favourite Noble House, so I cut a (larger) stamp of that one.

And I have designated one blank book as my 'stamp log': I'll put an impression of every stamp I cut in the book, along with information on when I cut the stamp and where I got the design from. So here's the page for the Fading Suns stamps:

You can see the mecha stamp shining through the paper, even though it's pretty thick. :P
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