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Finished series: Murder Princess

We've finished watching Murder Princess. My first episode review is here.

Murder Princess is set in a fantasy kingdom in the future. Apparently there's Lost Technology that's been the cause of the Collapse of Civilisation, and the world has picked itself up in a pseudo-medieval setting. The focus is on the kingdom of Foreland, and the story starts off with an assault on the castle! Dr. Akamashi, a scientist who researched the Lost Technology in the employ of the king of Foreland, has used this forbidden knowledge to create two cyborgs. Now he wants all of it for himself.
In the last desperate moments before the attack on the throne room, princess Alita is whisked away through as secret corridor with a mission to find her brother to set things right again. While in a forest, she bumps into Falis, a bounty hunter, and through some inexplicable circumstances, the two switch bodies. Falis then agrees to help Alita recapture her kingdom, and assumes Alita's identity. Together with her two associates, the two cyborgs Dominikov and Pete, she goes to the castle and kicks Akamashi and his cyborg-lolis out -- and then assumes the throne as princess Alita.
Meanwhile, the real Alita assumes the identity of her handmaid Milano, who perished during the assault on the castle.

It turns out that Alita's brother, prince Kaito, has become disillusioned with the world and wants to destroy it. (The typical reasoning of "If this is what it turns out to be, the universe is better off without the world!") For that, he needs the Lost Technology, which is rumoured to be able to grant any wish. And it just so happens that the Foreland royal family is the keeper of the sealed-away Lost Technology. And wouldn't you know it -- only a female member of the family can open the doors to the control room!

There's a bit of to-and-fro, but in the end it all turns out just as you'd expect: the Lost Technology is destroyed, Alita and Falis return to their own bodies, and peace once again returns to the land!

For a six-part OVA series, there's plenty of plot, with enough 'down-time' to allow for some modest character development. However, even though this is an OVA, the character designs and animation are pretty basic -- it must have been made on a budget. Still, it's a decent amount of fun -- and I don't think the plot would have supported a whole season of episodes, so it's just as well that it's only six episodes.

Good things:
- Enough plot to keep you interested;
- Good pacing.
Bad things:
- Average visuals.

All in all, a decent view, but not a must-see. A 6.5.
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