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isabelgou asks:

1. I have this memory of you presenting the idea of a led Bra. Did you ever get around making designs for that?
klik is not the type to walk around in her underwear, and what's the fun of making something that no-one will see?

2. Of the places you visited in Japan, which was your favorite?
The Fushimi Inari shrine was very, very impressive. Not only the shrine itself, but also what we saw happening there. Definately a must-see.
As for fun and interesting sights, Akihabara ranks high as well. Walking around there and ducking into the various shops was a total nerdgasm.

3. What made you decide to adopt the mighty Neko, and did you have to get used to living with a deaf cat?
klik had visited the animal shelter, and had already fallen in love with him. Then she took me there, and the cat seemed fun and social enough. And that was that. :P

Originally, he was named 'Champie', and when we said to the animal shelter lady that we would change his name, she objected: when she entered the cage and called his name, he always came to her mewing friendly! He really responded to his name! It took us a bit of time to discover he always mews -- because he is deaf. Most of the time it's no problem, but there was this one time when he had crawled into a tiny space somewhere and I couldn't find him. It was no use calling him because he couldn't hear me anyway -- so I was in a bit of a panic, I thought he had escaped outside.
When I was close to tears, he came up to me to cuddle -- he had just woken up and was on his way to his food...

4. While we're on the subject of animals... what's your favorite non-domesticated species?
Capibara. They're really big, and they look cozy.

5. A lame one, but... Favorite food?
Hmmmm... Tough one. A toss-up between okonomiyaki and oyakodon.
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