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Carving blocks

I've gone through all of the grade 'B' PZ Kut -- three large (9x9 cm) stamps and a few smaller ones. So for my next stamp I thought I'd use all of the Mastercarve block (10x10 cm) -- but it's too soft for my liking. There are people who (given unlimited funds as it's more expensive) would love to use the Mastercarve blocks for everything, but I'm not one of them. I've cut maybe 25% of the stamp, and already one of the corners is crumbling. Maybe I'm too rough -- but it all worked out with the PZ Kut...

So no more Mastercarve blocks for me. In fact, I just ordered five blocks of PZ Kut, because I love that stuff. And I haven't even tested the Speedy-carve block that was also part of the sampler...
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