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Finished series: Vampire Knight

We've finished watching Vampire Knight. My first episode review is here.

Cross Academy has two types of classes: the Day Class, which consists of normal humans, and the Night Class, which consists of vampires... Chairman Cross, who used to be a vampire hunter, devised a serum that feeds the vampires so they don't need to drink human blood anymore. However, not every vampire who attends the school is above a little midnight snack...
Cross' daughter, Yuki, is one of the prefects who has to keep the vampires and humans separate (even though the ideal of the school is for vampires and humans to live together in peace...). Her co-prefect is Zero, an adopted son of Cross -- who lost his whole family to vampires. Obviously, he doesn't trust them...! Cross himself, meanwhile, is a totally useless dweeb.
The main vampire is the pure-blooded Kuran. He has very high standing in the vampire world, and he shares Cross' ideals. His presence attracts other vampires, and it befalls to Kuran to keep them in line.

The thirteen episodes don't have much of a plot to speak of. There's some stuff between Yuki and Kuran, which obviously irritates Zero. There's some vampirical politics going on, but that's not the main dish.
The main dish is that the vampire who murdered Zero's family, took Zero's sibling in as her ghoul-servant and who bit Zero (turning him into a vampire too!) returns to the school in a disguise. She runs amok, and then Kuran saves Zero and Yuki in a large fight.

There's much potential in the set-up, but the writers didn't bring out the full potential of the situations. Instead, they're content to show just how cool the vampires are, and how every girl in the school has a thing for Kuran, and how Kuran treats Yuki as his special friend. In short, complete shoujo wish-fulfillment. Yes, there are some darker undertones, but they're more for decoration than serious themes. Yes, there's quite a bit of angst, but that's to be expected of a series with a teenaged heroine.
A lot of attention went to the character designs, so that Kuran's hair swooshes just so, etcetera. Otherwise, the series looks pretty generic shoujo-like.

Good things:
- Swooning girls and brooding vampires!
Bad things:
- Too much angst, too little plot.

In the end, it wasn't really a gripping experience for us. I'll just give it a 6 and be done with it.
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