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Through friendsfriends, I discovered the journal of bee_eye, who makes really cool animal logos -- sometimes even more than one per day! They're always circular and have a very nice wood-grain to them, as if they're woodblock prints.
And as you all know, I do like to cut stamps, but I have no talent illustrating. So when I looked through the list, I saw a few that would make nice stamps -- uni-colored ones, obviously. I still had an eraser that measured 8 x 4 cm, and as all the designs are circular I would have room for two. I chose the Ox and the Crow.

Impression and the stamp.

The impression, in red archival ink. The circle around the design is uneven, and the eyes aren't even either. I omitted the nose too. Still, it's recognisable.

Close-up of the stamp. Note that I cut the corners away pretty deeply, because those always get ink on 'em if you're not careful -- and that results in ink smudges outside of the design. That's just not pretty.

Stamp and the impression.

Impression, in dark brown chalk ink. The circle is much more defined. I also like how the wing peeks through the border.

The stamp. See the ink in the corners? Luckily it didn't reach the paper.

These were surprisingly easy to do. Sure, it's a bit of fiddling around with the cutting tools, but each didn't take me longer than an hour -- and the result is a pretty good copy of the design.
bee_eye, if you'd like one, feel free to make a request and I'll make it for you (to the best of my ability) and send you the stamp!
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