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Hardware maintenance

Yesterday, I bought a new CPU cooler, a new fan and a new DVD burner for klik's machine. The first two because her machine was making lots of noise these days, and the last one because her DVD burner didn't want to read CDs anymore.

The CPU cooler is a rather non-descript item, but it was all we could get for Socket A. I installed it today -- twice. Tthe first time it was the wrong way around, which meant the core was half on the copper part and half on the aluminium part of the heatsink. Small wonder CPU temperatures rose quite a bit... The thing did come with thermal grease, and the cool thing was that the 'injection needle' for the stuff was about as wide as the CPU core. That made applying it much easier! I also swapped out the 'old' 12cm case-fan with a new one.
The temperatuires are all quite acceptable, but the machine still makes a lot of noise -- I'm not so sure that the noise levels have actually dropped from all this. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for using an 'outdated' platform -- less choice in components.
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