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Card: Silver Sea Dragon

I've made another card -- one with a twist.
sillie82 drew a 'dragon tribal' design in an entry about a month ago, and it immediately jumped out at me. Unfortunately, I had misplaced my linoleum cutting set and due to the stress at work I didn't get around to doing something with it.
But last weekend, when the new set I ordered came in and the stuff at work was resolved, I transferred the design onto a rubber eraser and set to work. The design was detailed enough to take some skill to carve, but not too fiddly that it was impossible to re-create. I also got some more ink colors to stamp with -- so far, I hadn't been able to use my Shell Border peg stamp set because I lacked the right colors.

I stamped the dragon design with clear ink and used silver embossing powder. Then I went to work with the shell stamps to make a border.
I sent one copy to anemoona (as part of the fub postcard exchange), one copy to mijnerzijds_ (as part of a larger postal package) and one copy to a lucky Postcrosser. I also made a copy for sillie82, and I sent the stamp along -- now she can use the stamp for her own designs!

Also, I had sent five cards through Postcrossing and then received five cards -- normally, I wouldn't expect more cards to arrive unless I would start sending again. However, I got two cards 'unprovoked'! One from the Phillipines (PH-7132, a hand-painted mandala) and one from Paris (FR-42308).
Now I feel bad for getting more than I gave, so I've started sending out cards again...
Tags: craft, postcard exchange, postcrossing

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