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New Anime: "Mezzo DSA" and "Maria-sama ga Miteru"

With the new anime season started in Japan, it won't be long before the first fansubs of the new series start to appear. We've checked out the first episodes of two new series.

The first was "Mezzo DSA", apparently a spin-off of the Mezzo Forte movie. "DSA" stands for "Danger Service Agency", and the series is about a trio of 'special agents' who run missions for their clients -- for a price. The episode starts with a schoolgirl being mugged by two other girls in some ruined building -- and then a bomb explodes behind the wall. Lots of guys in dark clothing run around (obviously the bad guys) and they are being kicked around Matrix-style by a girl in an orange, skin-tight tracksuit.
Some dead bodies and explosions later, we get a lot of exposition about their mission and who they are -- the actors have to talk really fast to fit all this information into the single episode! Then we get some sort of ghost story (which is also explained rather rushed) and some more action.
And then the episode is over. Man! Those directors certainly don't want to bore you with useless details, they rush through the plot like there's no tomorrow! (And I thought my writing was too fast...)
It's certainly interesting, designs are colorful and the directing of the action scenes is certainly excellent. I have a feeling there will be some sort of metaplot revealed in episodes to come, but I hope the writers will slow down the pace a bit.

Second was "Maria-sama ga miteru" (St. Mary is watching). This is about an all-girls school with a rose-themed student council... There's this system of 'big sisters' who take 'little sisters' under their wing (sempai-kouhai), and our main character is a first-year student who secretly admires one of the older girls. Due to various circumstances, this older girl chooses her as her little sister (something to do with hating men and having to play Cinderella in a school play along with the all-boys school next door).
Now, this might all sound rather innocent (and perhaps it is), but there is a little bit too much hugging and staring into each others' eyes going on to re-assure me. I would hate to see what the fanfic-slashers would make of all this...
And yes, it ends with the younger girl declining, and the older girl vowing to make her accept her as her elder sister, with lots of 'meaningful glances' (or maybe my dirty mind is just imagining this -- but anyone knows that the ancient Greeks didn't think much of sexual relations between mentor and pupil, and it doesn't take much imagination to see this series at least hint at that tradition).
Designs use soft colors and the character designs are very manga-like: high foreheads, pointy noses and luscious hair (with a few loose strands). It'll be interesting to see how this develops.

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