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The weekend expedition

F. had told us that his sister-in-law had to move from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen to the Noord-Oost Polder -- and the new house was smaller than the old one. Among the things that were in the way were three boxes of Star Trek videos -- around 90 tapes total. F. asked us whether we were interested. They were supposed to fetch EUR 100.
We weren't interested ourselves (we don't even have a working VCR set up anymore), but M., klik's sister, is a serious Star Trek adept and consumer of VHS tapes. Her budget is quite small, though, so we couldn't offer more than EUR 50 for the lot. We had assumed that someone had been dilligently taping the episodes from TV, and even though 90 tapes is a lot, it's not like VHS is a hot commodity these days. After a bit to-and-fro, it was decided that we could get the bunch for EUR 50, if we came to collect them.

And so, this Saturday, we left around 11:00, so that we had a good chance to arrive there around 13:00 -- and we had the 'pleasure' of experiencing the Belgian highways as well... So we arrived, and found F.'s nephew there. We got a cup of tea, chatted a bit, and then we went up the attic of the barn to see the tapes.
It turns out that these weren't home-tapes, but 'official' tapes. All of Deep Space Nine on VHS, all of Voyager, etcetera. Must have cost a small fortune to assemble the tape library, and now we were taking it off their hands for a few euros... Oh well, at least they didn't have to lug the boxes across half the country.

When we left, we looked up the largest city in the vicinity, and that was Ghent. So we went there, arriving around 14:30. We had pancakes as lunch, and then wandered around the city. Very charming town, but after klik had bought quite a few kilos of books in the bookstore that specialised in architecture and design, it was time to go back home again...
All in all, not a bad haul for a day out.
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