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Test drive Benzaiten!

Instead of building an installation set, I've opted to hack everything into a single tar file that will run stand-alone. That way, an upgrade is only a tar-command away!

Here's what you do:
  1. Download benzaiten-0.1.tgz and save it to your home folder;

  2. Open a terminal, and issue the command tar xvzf benzaiten-0.1.tgz;

  3. cd into the newly created benzaiten-directory;

  4. Issue the command ./benzaiten

For now it'll only work from the commandline. Also, there's no progress bar to tell you what it is doing -- the first time it will download all your user icons, and that may take quite a while. Keep an eye on the terminal output, because every request will be printed there.
Before you ask: no, Benzaiten does not store your password in plain text.

Anything you see in the interface should work. If you encounter any problems, let me know.
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