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Every other tuesday, I play in nathreee's D&D campaign. Why not every week? Well, the other tuesdays she (and a lot of the other players) plays (or GMs) in the 'Wisselrollenspel' ('Rotational Roleplaying Game') of the local game association.

The concept is simple: GMs think of a game or short campaign they want to play and prepare a short speech about it. The whole group convenes, the GMs present their ideas, and players choose a game to play in. Every game takes 7 sessions (for a turn-around time of 16 weeks, presentation-evening included), and then a new round is started.
This offers a rather risk-free way to get to know other players and GMs, and other systems. I want to do more RPGing -- years ago it was my number 1 hobby, and I really enjoy it. So why not try it out?

It just so happens that when I asked my colleague R. (who is now the chairman of the club) on monday when the new round would be started, he replied that that would be right the following evening!
Arrangements were made, and I attended the presentations as a guest. Because I was a new player, I got the first choice too!

There were three games presented, and I chose the Fading Suns game. I have the first edition collecting dust in my closet, and I never had gotten around to playing it. So this was a good chance! In two weeks, I will play an Earl from the Hazat for a while!
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