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Finished series: Koihime Musou

We've finished watching Koihime Musou. My first episode review is here.

The story is set in ancient China, after the Han Dynasty has fallen into chaos. There are some strong warlords left, but the common people have to contend with roaming bands of bandits. Kan'u, whose family was murdered by such a band of bandits, vows to restore peace to the common people. And being a very good fighter with the spear makes that easier...
And so she travels from town to town, helping the common people and defeating bandits everywhere she goes. She picks up a group of like-minded followers, and together they form some sort of 'roaming band of heroes'.
But actually the series is about cute girls in short skirts getting into competitions (whether those are spear-fighting or eating or digging an onsen) with other girls in short skirts. Yes, there's a fair amount of fighting involved (often against a band of bandits that looks exactly like the previous one), but the focus is more on the squabbles between the girls.

And yes, every character of note is female. If you see a male in this series, you can immediately forget him, because he won't have a role of any importance (except for one male, in the last three episodes).
Don't expect a lot of character development either -- but it's clear from the first episode on that you won't be watching this series for the plot!
OK, so it's fluff, but it's amusing fluff that is surprisingly light on the pantyshots. Instead, there's an awful lot of talk about lesbian relations and so on. For instance, towards the end there's a 'contest' between two flat-chested girls to see who has the better bust -- and one of the criteria includes 'taste'...
In between all that, there's some gags to keep you occupied, and while it's not 'laugh out loud'-funny, it's fun none the less.

A lot of care has gone into the character designs: those are quite attractive in a bishoujo kind of way. But everything else is rather bland: both animation and backgrounds are nothing special -- though not so bad that they detract from the series. It's just that not much attention has been paid to those.
And the explanations that accompanied the names in the fansubs we watched makes me suspect that the characters are based on historical accounts -- but surely there weren't that many female generals or gouvernors back then? And how many short-skirted spear wielders can be found in historical records?

Good points:
- Amusing;
- Attractive character designs.
Bad points:
- Not much there apart from the fluff.

All in all, good for what it wants to be: amusing fluff with lots of innuendo. Apart from that, it's nothing special really. I'll give it a 7.
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