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More cards

In between the weirdness this week, I made some more cards.

I bought a large set of cheap felt-tip pens some time ago. I gathered a card-filling set of stamps and set to work. This is what came out of it:

klik's verdict: too many colors, therefore too loud. Maybe she had a point, so for the two other cards I reduced my color palette -- and this is how it turned out:

Much cleaner, and perhaps better. (Though the card on this scan got a drop of water on it. And since the ink in the felt-tip pens are water-soluble, it smeared...)
I sent the 'loud' version to a Postcrossing recipient. The others went to klik's grandmother and to bouncie.

Another technique I wanted to try out was to ink a stamp with felt-tip pens and then put embossing powder on it. I couldn't find our clear embossing powder, so I used 'silver pearl' powder. I inked up the maneki neko stamp in black, but did the eyes in green, the collar in red and the coin in yellow.

The result is pretty nice, as you can see. The black got turned into silver (the color of the powder itself), but the yellow and red kept their colors quite nicely. And the hint of green in the eyes is a nice touch too, I think. It's certainly a technique I'll be using more often in the future. The cat is flanked by the same stamps as I used in the other card.
I made two copies of this card: one for (again) klik's grandmother (to congratulate her with her new living quarters) and one for babarage to congratulate her with her birthday.
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