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Writing course: Cyberpunk!

So, I gave my presentation on Cyberpunk thursday at the writing course. It was a very positive experience. In the beginning, people seemed a bit apprehensive ("It's probably one of those weird books Hein reads").
But after I had read the first few paragraphs of Gibson's Neuromancer, I explained the ideas and structured behind Cyberpunk literature. That is when people seemed to understand that Cyberpunk is literature, with a set of ideas and a message about the human condition.
They liked the piece of fiction I wrote ("Hey, it has all the stuff you talked about!" "Uh, yes, that's because I had to write in the style of Cyberpunk. It's not coincidental." "Uh, right.") and one of the students even came up with a (slightly tangential) theme that is perfectly suited for Cyberpunk. Another wanted to know whether 'The Difference Engine' had been translated into Dutch, and they had to laugh at my anecdote about the writing of 'The Difference Engine' (that I read on the Internet somewhere):

When Gibson and Sterling were collaborating on the book, their agents thought it would be cool if they used email to communicate and send their manuscripts back and forth. After all, they were writing about cyberspace and all that stuff, and now they could actually use it!
But the writers didn't "get" email, they thought it was confusing and hard to use. So they printed out their manuscripts and shipped them back and forth via FedEx!

I'm looking forward to the presentations of the rest.

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