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New card: Alice in Wonderland

One of the stamps I got for christmas was the Cheshire Cat. Fun stamp, and obviously a candidate to make a card with. But I was lacking an Alice stamp -- what to do?
I looked up the passage from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland where Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat -- it's in chapter 6, by the way. I wrote that passage on the card in my smallest script (after doing three cards I had a cramp in my right hand). I wrote the third sentence (after the dissapearance of the cat) at the bottom of the card, to make it clear this happened after the events depicted on the card.

I used the Cheshire Cat stamp multiple times without re-inking the cat itself, but I did re-ink the grin. This gives the 'fading' effect. When the three cats were stamped, I used the brown brush-felt-tipped pen to draw/paint the tree.
Then I used the wisteria peg stamp set to make the foliage, twigs and blossoms. I had stamp pads with ink in these colors, so luckily I didn't have to use felt tip pens -- that would have been too much work.

I used the Little Red Riding Hood stamp that I got (from the same designer, by the way), and simply didn't ink the hood or cape. And I used a light blue. So that gave me an Alice holding a bag -- not exactly according to the book, but close enough.

This is how it turned out:

I am very pleased with how it came out. I think I like this card the best of all the cards I've made so far. It has a 'story', it uses different techniques, and I got to use a stamp in another way.

Again, I made three cards with this design. One of them is on its way to the US, as a Postcrossing exchange. One of them I sent to my parents, and the third I sent to luna_puella as part of the self-made postcard exchange.
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