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Frog card

The second card I sent through Postcrossing was to a young girl in Germany who loves animals. I looked through my collection of stamps -- I had the two frog peg stamps (from this set) and the dancing crane...
Surely I could combine those?

And this is what I made of it. I used two of the decorative corner stamps to pad things out at the underside, and used the brush felt tip pens we bought in Japan to create the water and the side. Upper right is a corner stamp that ought to look like a sun.

I'm not completely satisfied with how it came out -- I should have stamped the sun in the upper left corner, because there's now a gaping hole there, while the right side is a bit cluttered. Something to keep in mind for next time.

The dancing crane, by the way, is thought to be a sign of good luck -- but I guess that doesn't quite apply to frogs!
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